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Honey tandem. Control of the game
 Игра для Девочек - Медовый тандем
Honey tandem. Control of the game
To reach your goal - set an adequate supply of honey in a barrel, you are controlling the gun self-defense weapon, indicate Pitachku goal for trial and failure. As in any security service, in this game you have to look sharp and be always on the alert, as your comrade in gang robs hundreds of honey.
Be careful during the shooting, one bad shot and you can make a hole in a volatile vehicle or on purpose (perhaps on purpose) shoot soft tissue mate, which he is not very overjoyed and will swear at you (maybe even swear words.)
When patience is running out of bees, and the bear steals more and more honey, a swarm begins massive attack effects that simply are not predictable (but you can read about them to play this simple game.)
Oh yes, about the management - all mouse buttons are pressed and the sight follows the cursor on the field the game to run (shot) bumps just press your index or other finger (you can not finger) left mouse button. For faster transfer of security (Pitachka) is take your mouse over a long range.
In the game, you can shoot the honey, then the cell will appear in random places, and sometimes it's against the bear rescue from abduction bees or lumbago.

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