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Online Game "Sea Fishing"

Sea Fishing - game Sonia fisherman.Online Game "Sea Fishing"
You help fisherwoman Sonia fish. The boat moves left and right arrow, cast a hook and fishing out (lifting) of fish and up arrow vniz.Ryba catches on the hook is different, small weighs 10 average 20 and 30, and a large 40 lb. Each fish is pulled out in a boat load it (the number of fish caught can be seen on the bow of the boat) and can overload the boat sink. Catch the need to exactly 1,000 lb of fish otherwise Sonia will not pay the rent boats and mortgages.
Once Sonia catches a lot of fish, sharks are activated. They certainly are not dangerous for fisherwomen in the boat, but so aim to eat fish hooked while they tear off the hook, but it is expensive.
-=Click here to play the kids game=-

On line game "Sonia fisherman or sea fishing adventures".

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