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On line puzzle game for children and adults. Bender pulls coins from the safe.

Safety Deposit Box Bender. Intellectual game based on the cartoon Futurama.The Intellectual game based on the cartoon Futurama.
You are helping to pull a coin out of Bender's strange safe. At your disposal mouse and mind, only using intuition and logic can get all the treasures of a mysterious old man opened the safe that Bender.
The game is not easy it is very necessary to think how to put the coins of different denominations in series of three or four coins, only then they can be pulled out of the safe.
Look carefully at the location of the coins and click on the ones that can line up in rows. If you're lucky, the coins will be collected in a series of self-bender and will be dancing.
Use mouse - click on a coin with the same numbers on the obverse, and so that they could line up in a row of three or four coins. 
-=Click here to play the kids game=-

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