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Game for the mind based on the cartoon Winx

This game was created by the author S3DK for lovers and lovers of puzzles and mysteries. You are invited to solutions collect many tiered design with popular cartoon characters of Winx girls.
You click on the squares with parts of the picture, so that all parts into place and made a coherent picture. Nesskolko equal difficulty levels allow you to train visual memory and develop your logic skills. We deliberately simplified the ancient puzzle game for children and adults under Game for the mind, we have more complex puzzles like a snake taillogistics and others.
The game is designed specifically for car theme authors website www.s3dk.com.
Rules: The goal: Gather in One fragmented into parts image.
Rules: Go to the next level occurs only after complete assembly of images from Winx girl..
Management: By clicking on a square with a picture, you move them in the right direction until you collect a coherent picture
 game for the mind based on the cartoon Winx

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