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Fish Race - Children flash game for two players.
Play this flash game is very simple. Each of the players in this game, sea - fish. Your task is to accelerate as much as possible and catch some small fish swimming in the ocean depths. Try to dodge the sea monsters - it's insidious ravenous creature that and strive to gobble up unwary fish. Each player in this game your playing field: top and bottom. Player of the top margin upralyaet their fish by pressing Z, and the bottom margin of the player controls a fish with the arrow to the right. The game continues until any of the players do not spend all their life force. Sea Monsters collision otbirayui part of life and it can fill up swallowing a dozen small fish. Try as much as possible nalovt fish and dodge the monsters. This game is remarkable by the fact that the play it is very convenient, because the management is only one knopochka each player - the so-called "odnopaltsevye game" - feature on our site.
 Fish Race

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