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Masha and the Wolves - Children flash game

Masha and the Wolves - Children flash game about a little girl collecting wild apples for gray wolves .. This children's game is very easy to control but it is better to play together. Volchek in yellow pants move with arrows to the right and left, in blue trousers Volchek moving letters Z and C on the keyboard. When volchiki pull to one side then move quickly, but in different directions - interfere with each other and stand. Mary jumps and breaks apples, it can land on a clearing five times, and then take offense and make her jump for apples will be very difficult. When one of volchikov gather all his apples, he will go to your next level, each with its own level of play Volchika, but at every level with him will play Masha and his opponent. At each level of the opponent may help or hinder gather fruits, berries, and if Mary crying game will end.
The history of the game. Masha and the Wolves. Two gray-colored pants in Volchika wanted to gather up a few apples forest. But here's the rub - high jump, they do not know how, and even different apples like. Grey Wolf in blue trousers like red apples, and the gray wolf in the yellow pants like yellow apples. They found a bag in the woods and decided to ask the well-known in the entire forest Wives and The Grasshopper - Masha to collect them from the trees for the apples. They said Masha: "We will pop you up, and you fly in one skate and we scraped together apples!" Mary of course agreed, as to ride and she loved to jump, but warned: "If you drop me on the ground five times, I'll never not going to help!" And everything is good, but I have no problem - everyone pulls Volchek your tree to collect only Masha him apples, and because of this, they interfere with each other. If you enjoy our game you can download it for free to your computer, phone or smartphone. 

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