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Playing on memory and attention - get all the differences

 Playing on memory and attention - get all the differences
Cool developing memory and attention in a series of games Find all the differences in the pattern.
This game has multiple objectives nesolzhnyh whose primary purpose is to train your memory and attention. The process of intellectual game is as follows - two similar looking figure in a couple of magnifying glasses on the handle, you need to concentrate and try to find and capture the moment when, through a magnifying glass frame, the picture you see the discrepancy.
The problem is almost solved, but to go to the next task you want to find all the differences in the pattern and the arrow to move to the next level will then become available. The game is only at first glance it seems simple, you can spend hours wandering around looking at the picture in search of different elements, but only in this way is achieved by total concentration on the task.

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