четверг, 4 июня 2015 г.

The game Greedy official.
The essence of the game to a simple understandable - as the chosen one, the official, civil servant that the budget Rassam admitted funneling the budget you gather and scatter save on hard times. No official of the money is not a small budget does not invest in a scattering and reach only to stupenechek where higher and more money for, and does not come into the economy and will not by a bright future. Servant of the People is located on the lower level of power and mastering tools coming from the budget. The arrows to the right and move to the left so that the servant of the people of his hand reached for the budget money. When the money seized by an urgent need to invest their (otherwise can be bad). To attach a budget, there are three ways, you have to choose your own.
-=Click here to play the kids game=-

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