воскресенье, 7 июня 2015 г.

Две тыквы - детская игра на ловкость.

Story: Very scary story : In a dark , dark , well, very dark forest settled scary , scary , well, very scary bats . Do not give them no rest, equestrian or pedestrian or cool kid on the expensive cars . All of them were afraid and scared to walk in the woods . But on the eve of Helloween and two brave men , dressed in scary masks , decided to prove to the terrible forest - Who is the owner of the night ! and catch all the mice , and so who better to catch , what a great honor and a hat in his Halloween Night moon decorate . 

The purpose of the game - Try to catch all Straseni forest bats.
Management on the keyboard :
Pumpkin in a lilac hat - Left, Right , Up .
Pumpkin in burgundy hat - the letters Z ( left ) and C ( right ), S or D ( top) .
Hat with stripes at the bottom of the screen show the number caught each mice. Hat at the top of the game board shows - who is now leading . As soon as the moon rises , we fully know who won. 

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