четверг, 25 мая 2017 г.

Sonia fisherman or sea fishing adventures.

 The game Sonia fisherman
You help fisherwoman Sonia fish. The boat moves left and right arrow, cast a hook and fishing out of fish up and down arrows.

Sonia fisherman.
Fisherwoman Sonia - Flash game about the dangers of sea fishing. Swam like that once fisherwoman Sonia catch fish in the sea near a coral reef. Warned her that the boat is not big and catch a lot of (more than 1,000 lb) is not recommended and that the reef sharks fast and dangerous. But do not listen to wise counsel and Sonia went to sea to catch fish.
What happened in the sea with fisherman Sonia you know just when to play this play. The game is designed specifically for those who like to go fishing in the sea and marine fish catch by the authors site www.s3dk.com

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