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Game for the phone. Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf.

 Game for the phone. Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf.
Flash game "Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf", Game for the phone.
The game for fans to collect mosaic of the beautiful images. Game Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf is well suited lovers online games on phones or smart phones and of course the game can be played on conventional PCs and laptops.
Cute lambs of the Chinese cartoon about sheep Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf became supportive framework for this game. Girls and boys can and certainly do not enjoy such a complex mosaic that is easy to play, these games are designed for rest and relaxation, which is why specific skills and abilities to play Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf is not required..

Goal: Difficult mosaic had enough and to relax, we offer not a complex mosaic of jaunty sheep.
goal of the game
Two drawings are divided into mosaic squares by clicking on which you can collect different pictures with handsome sheep.

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Hedgehog on a fishing trip. The game is about fishing in a lake with lotuses.
Mini game for children and adults about the fish in the sea.
The most interesting and fun Funny games our site chosen here by taking the number of reviews and komventariev players from around the globe. Our games have gained the popularity all over the world. Many of them have been translated into many languages ​​and brought joy to children around the world. Of course, the vast majority of players who are so fond of playing our games and lives in Russia, and it is for them to do these Russian games and that is why they are so called.
        Russian games are not sold and not bought, they are very often used borrowed schedule of your favorite cartoon characters and heroes of political battles and events of interest in the world and the country. Making fun of greed and avarice, stupidity and indifference, our igrodely not pursue any fame or for money, interesting creative process of creating a new game gives itself a lot of fun, and even more so if you liked the game and has become a popular and discussed (as was more than once) then get pleasure from the game twice.

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