четверг, 9 июля 2015 г.

Самые красивые острова и пляжи мира. Игра для детей на ловкость.

Continuation of the game about the adventures of a little coconut on the Papuan Islands.Continuation of the game Coconut thief - (Game for two players)
This is a continuation of the glorious game about little Papuan - "Palm thief." In this part of the game is designed for two players, you have to compete for the title of Master palms. Difficulties on the island are the same - crabs (palm thieves) throw coconuts in papuan and do not give them to enjoy the holiday. History. After our little papuan defeated the evil crab climbing a palm tree, and made ​​himself a delicious dinner, he noticed not far from his island island with a coconut tree which was trying to get into a charming papuaska. In order to get to know her, papuan invited competition - who soon will climb the palm tree and catch a crab, will become the Master of palm (or mistress) and the King of palm island (or Queen). And who will lose his servant and will climb the palm tree for coconuts and catching crabs for dinner.
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