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Русские игры для детей.

Brain training games.
We hope to play our games you enjoy, solve puzzles, riddles and funny funny puzzle. Remember that all the differences, which will be observed, it is necessary to note on the image to the right instead of left, as some players are trying to do. Free flash games to help children to develop skills and attention usidchivochti. These simple games contribute to the rapid absorption of school material and training kids brain.
Find all the differences in these two pictures with a toy locomotive. Children's educational game - find differences in the images. Games on the development of attention skills, and perseverance are gaining in popularity. You are invited to considering the two, at first glance, similar images are noted in all the different elements of the picture. Try to watch closely, but not for long - when time will end the game finished, so you'll have to think fast. As soon as you will discover all the different parts of the figure mark them with the mouse on each picture. If the problem is solved correctly the blue circle will remain in place and will revolve around omechennoy point distinguishes the two images.
Флэш игра на сообразительность - Вытащи мед.
Грибные тропинки. Игра про съедобные грибы Дальнего востока.
Playing on memory and attention
Children play with graphics pictures-Find all the differences in the figures.
Playing on memory and attention
Детская интеллектуальная игра головоломка - Найди отличия в картинке.
Найди все отличия в рисунке Деда Мороза - бесплатная, развивающая, русская флэш игра для детей.
Найди отличия в картинках - бесплатная обучающая игра для детей. Find all the differences
Раскраска Морская рыба
Раскраска Золотой Фазан
Два снеговика. Детская игра-раскраска про зимние праздники.
Paint online pictures for kids - Paint online
Paint online winx pictures for kids - Paint online
Paint online winx - Paint online

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