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Thief of the Stars How to play Honey Bear: Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move your Bear on top of the honey drops. As they intersect, the more points you get . Avoid the dangerous beast "Bee". If yo hit "Bee", the amount of living will decrease.
If you play well enough, you will move to level above!

The best players get to put their names in the "List of the Honey Heroes".

Use the arrow keys for Bear governing. Eat as many Honey as you can.

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  • All of this games are free to download and install on your own web site. Download the games to a directory on your computer and play. These games are free, the only thing we ask is that you provide a visible return link back to www.S3Dk.com on the page that hosts the game.
    You can select any of this games and ask me to rebuild it with your logo and pictures. 
    Thank you for your attention!

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